Attack Of The Extra Weight!

February 24, 2010

My worst nightmare is officially coming true!!! I am actually GAINING weight instead of losing it right in time for bathing suit season!!!

There are a couple things I have been doing in my everyday wardrobe to hopefully hide those unwanted pounds. My "go-to" outfit has been for the most part a dress, tall boots and a longer cardigan but with warmer weather just around the corner I am gonna have to find some other options...and fast!

Life & Style Weekly states,
By showing leg, a short fitted cut helps offset weight around the middle.
Which if you think about it, that little sentence makes a TON of sense. A poor fit DOES actually make you look bigger so go for the fitted cut people!!!

Here are some great choices for fitted summer dresses and GOODBYE Whoppers and HELLO Weight Watchers for me:(

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