Back It Up!!!

April 5, 2010

I decided to start posting at least one to two pictures a week of myself in various outfits and where I got my clothes from. Many bloggers that I love and stalk for style inspiration do this on a daily basis. (Adored Austin, The(chloe)Conspiracy)

The ONLY reason I am not gonna start doing daily fashion post is because...if you really need to know...frankly, everyday I just don't dress that fabulous! Sometimes I wake up late and just throw something on, sometimes I feel bloated and just wear something comfy and not that flattering-WHATEVER the reason don't blame me.(blame my alarm clock and PMS)

I think this will really help me be more fashionable on a weekly basis and actually back up what I post trend wise. You never know I could be an 90 year old granny spittin' all this talk about floral trends being hot for spring, ect. HeHe!

DRESS- New York & Company (similiar style here)
SHOES- TJ Maxx (similiar here and here)
BRACELET- Forever 21 (similiar here)

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