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September 27, 2010

What a fabulous weekend I had with my friends and family! Chelsea Handler was hilarious on Friday night and I had a great group of friends that I enjoyed the show with as well as the after party we created back at the hotel.

On Saturday night hubs and I had a wedding to attend in my hometown and it was a blast! Every time I go home and see all of my family and my friends it makes me miss living there so much more. On the way back to Knoxville yesterday I was talking to hubs about moving back home (like I always do after a weekend there) and he reminded me that the closest Forever 21 and Ann Taylor Loft was 45 minutes away and then I remembered why I liked living in a bigger town! Maybe someday...

Here is what I wore to the wedding Saturday night!

Fashion Bug dress (click here to buy)

Nine West heels bought at Marti & Liz

Fashion Bug necklace

Target earrings


  1. Cute dress! This is my first time reading your blog, very cute!

  2. I love you in that dress and necklace. I thought you looked great. I hope you do move home so I can share your closet and you could share my mine. We are lucky cause we where the same size shoes but since she is the fashionista I will come out way ahead. You have proved that style and fashion doesn't have to cost alot of money.

  3. I do the same thing to my husband when we go back to my "hometown" (I'm an Army brat, so it's actually just the last place I lived before moving to Philly). The thing is, there's an Ann Taylor and a F21 nearby. He just brings up the ridiculous Northern VA traffic. :/...

    That dress is stunning, by the way.

  4. love that dress and necklace together! i don't blame you about wanting to move home, but the shopping (among other things) keeps you in a bigger place. No shame in that sister!

  5. would you at least be closer to an H&M? LOL
    love the dress, the sleeves are fabulous


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