Lady in Red

November 30, 2010

Soooo, this post should REALLY be titled "Objects in this post look bigger than they appear" and by objects I mean my boobs. This dress makes them look like watermelons instead of the grapefruit that they really are. (Yes, I just realized I was comparing my hootie hoots to fruit)

Do any articles of clothing make you look bigger, smaller or more busty? What's up with that? This dress may have to go up for sale soon, maybe to someone with baby lemons to add that oomph factor since it clearly takes my chest up a notch. And there I go with the fruit talk again...

Forever 21 dress

Nine West booties purchased at Marti & Liz

New York & Company tights

Ann Taylor loft cardigan


  1. If you got 'em, embrace 'em sister! People pay good money everyday to make their lemons look more like watermelons :-)

    Red looks great on you!

  2. I need that dress for my baby lemons!!

  3. Red IS GREAT on you! and stop coverin' 'em up, sees! ;) i understand your pain, though, fa real. CUTE BLOG and outfit!

  4. Love the bright red color! Hey, I love when clothes make my chest look bigger, maybe I should run out and buy this dress!

  5. Hootie hoots?!

    Honey, I just wish I had that problem! Maybe I need that dress for my kiwis! LOL

    You always look so great in red!

  6. you look gorgeous in red! the "watermelons" look great too! :D

  7. I have a bunch of outfits that do that to my chest too! Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's bad haha. Love the red dress! I have always wanted shoes like those too, so cute!

  8. Whenever I wear a top with ruffles I always look down and think "damn, where did those come from". I think you are looking fab!

  9. those shoes are perfect on you!!!

  10. You look gorgeous !!!!!
    I up-dated my blog-roll (finally) :)
    I too have the 'boob' issue. i look like I pack fake melons, but they are just heavy and droopy ;)
    ( I always wondered why little boobie gals want our melons ? )
    I always wanted a b cup or less.
    Stupid DD's..............
    My hubs likes em', that's about it.........

  11. Button up blouses do this to me; my own grapefruits hate buttons.
    And you really do look great in red.

  12. adorable shoes!!! and your blog is cute.

  13. I love the red and grey together! And I definitely need a dress like that.

  14. Gorgeous! I absolutely love red. And anything that would make my boobs look cool.

  15. OMG I LAUGHED SO MUCH. best post ever??? HAHAH and yes I am quite "euipped" up there so many diff things I own make them look bigger or smaller. I used to be so embarrased but as I get older I've learnt to flaunt them.. especially now that I have a boyfriend! hahaha! :)


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