Cool and Breezy...

April 17, 2012

Sunday I laid out for the first time and needless to say I got my first sunburn of the year as well! I was hurting so bad and when it was time to get dressed on Monday, I needed something that would not cling to my lobster skin.  I choose my maxi skirt and a flowy top from Old Navy and made it through the day relatively pain free. 

Go ahead and make fun of me (you can see my sunburn in some of the pics)

004 001 002 003

Old Navy top and hat, Daisy Fuentes for Kohl's maxi skirt, Burlington Coat Factory belt, Soda flats


  1. That top is amazing!! I definitely love how you put it with a flowier skirt instead of skinny jeans! Not that it wouldn't look awesome with skinnies, but that would have been my first attempt at styling the top because it's expected and easy. This is awesome!

  2. You look fab. I love the belt and the fedora. In fact, I will go ahead and drop the term my 6th graders coined when they saw a pic of my sons in fedoras: You look Fedorable! Ha! Isn't it great?!

    You sunburn looks painful; I hate when I do that. Lots of Aloe!


  3. Ouch! I hate getting those bad sunburns that require loose clothes. I really love that top. So pretty.

  4. Aw honey. Sunburns stink but you look adorable! That's a great way to mix neutrals!


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