The BluePrint Cleanse- The End

December 14, 2012



I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I.DID.IT!  
Can you tell how proud of myself I am AND it was seriously the easiest thing ever, no lie.  

I was so nervous the night before I started (see the beginning here) and I had absolutely nothing to worry about.  The juices kept me feeling full and I had no crazy side effects from not eating solid food for 72 straight hours.  

I chose the Renovation Cleanse because it was recommended for first time juicers.  The juices were delivered right when my first day e-mail said they would be and as apprehensive as I was about tasting the "green juice" I was pleasantly surprised.  The green juices got a lot of negative feedback on the BluePrint Cleanse website and in The 3 Day Cleanse book but my taste buds must be weird cause I actually liked it!  

The next juice in my day (they are numbered from 1 to 6 in order of the way you drink them) was PAM juice or pineapple, apple and mint juice and that one was tart and minty. Number three was another green juice containing all the same veggies as number one.  Number four tasted very much like diluted lemonade with a swift kick from cayenne pepper.  During the entire cleanse I tried to drink juices 1-4 while I was at work saving the last two for when I went home.  

Now number five was my least favorite by far only because A- I do not like beets and B- I am not a big fan of ginger and this juice combined them together.  It was not unbearable but the aftertaste, I kid you not, tasted like if dirt gets in your mouth (don't act like you have never tasted dirt when the wind blows somewhere dusty).  After I chugged number five down it was worth it because number six was my favorite of them all.  It was cashew milk and the only way I can describe it is if you have ever eaten Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and all the milk left in the bowl after you eat it-tasted just like that.  

I definitely could have done a longer cleanse and now that I know how easy it was I probably will in the future.  I highly recommend BluePrint Cleanse to anyone interested in detoxing and just needing a jump start to healthier living.  If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and be sure to check out all the testimonials if you still are unsure!

Note- these opinions are all my own so blame my taste buds if you have done the cleanse and think differently



  1. YAY sounds like you breezed through it! good for you!
    Besides liking the juices and being able to do it though, did you notice any difference? do you feel any cleansing? I'm sure if you did it for a long time you would but I'm curious to know if a 3 day cleanse actually makes you feel any better/different! :)

  2. Congratulations! I was wondering how it ended up after reading the pre-detox entry.


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