Pregnancy Isn't All Fun And Games

September 8, 2015

So far throughout this pregnancy I have talked about the things I learned in my first trimester and also about the sweet things like baby movement and the love I already have for my twins.

My pregnancy has been far from a walk in the park and here are all the reason why.

1. Two words- DAILY INJECTIONS!  I have a 4G/4G blood clotting genetic genotype which is associated with the highest levels of circulating PAI in plasma (thanks to my dad's side of the family) that makes me very susceptible to blood clots and thankfully I knew this going into my pregnancy and notified my doctor just in case.  Well...just in case haha on me they decided at my twelve week ultrasound I needed to be on Lovenox shots as a preventative measure so blood clots don't form in my placenta.  To say I freaked the fuck out would be an understatement.  I hate shots with a passion like-start-shaking-and-getting-all-hot-and-sweaty-and-worked-up and I was informed I had to do daily injections (in my stomach) for the remainder of this pregnancy.  They called in my prescription that day and my husband and I went and picked up the monthly supply (it costs $150 dollars a month and that is WITH insurance) and I couldn't do it...I still can't give myself the injection.  It took my husband 45 minutes that first time because I was crying and moving around aka running away and literally making myself sick getting worked up thinking about it.  I have gotten much better than that first experience 15 weeks ago but I dread it

2. The constant peeing is another annoying pregnancy symptom.  The first trimester I was waking up 2-3 times a night and basically sleep walking to the bathroom and then it magically went away at the start of the second trimester.  As I am entering my third trimester the peeing is back and again it's 2-3 times a night depending on what time I go to bed.  I also toss and turn and wake myself up a lot now that I am a lot bigger and my hips are starting to hurt in the wee hours of the morning.  So all in all I wake up about 6-8 times nightly.

3. Swelling is another joyful part of making a baby or babies in my case.  I have not been able to wear my wedding band and engagement ring for almost two months now and I miss them so bad.  I had a fake diamond that I wore on my honeymoon so I didn't lose my rings in the ocean, pool, etc. in St. Lucia and thankfully still have it and have been wearing it so I didn't feel so naked and without a baby daddy.  My feet and ankles just started swelling a month ago and at first it was just long car rides and but now it's a daily occurrence.  Standing for long periods of time makes me look like I have cankles and I cannot wear heels for more than an hour. My feet don't hurt at all but they look crazy and I am really starting to worry if any of my fall shoes, boots, wedges will fit me when colder weather strikes. 

4.  Chloasma/Mask of Pregnancy...even the name sounds horrible.  As soon as I go out into the sunshine I get sun spots so it was no surprise that I would get this skin discoloration on the face during the summer months of pregnancy.  Women with darker skin are more prone to it and I keep nice color year round, my whole family does.  I have been wearing SPF 50 on my face every day this summer and I'm never seen without a hat at the pool when I go.  This symptom is more annoying than anything because I truly look like a weirdo without makeup and it really does make me self conscious so I have invested in some really good, expensive concealer.  Thank goodness this goes away after having these baby boys or I would really be in trouble. 
5. Did anyone else know that nosebleeds were a pregnancy symptom?? Anyone?  I have never had a nosebleed in my entire life and then I get pregnant and have had like 10 of them.  Apparently as progesterone and estrogen course through your body, they increase the blood flow which makes your tissues soften.  This can cause your blood vessels to constrict, which result in congestion and bloody noses.  I had two of them the weekend of my baby shower and even passed a blood clot -so gross and it scared me half to death.
(This is not everything weird that has happened to me cause that list would be a mile long but it is stuff that has been pretty continuous my entire pregnancy so far.  Even though all these things are super annoying I would do it all again in a heartbeat!) 

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