Pink and Green

May 16, 2011

So this outfit is a (very) weak attempt at color blocking! After looking back at my outfits from the last couple of weeks, it is clear that I need to bring more color into my wardrobe. I have been leaning towards more of a nude palette with sprinkles of black thrown in and that is just no way to dress during the springtime.

Be on the lookout this week as I try to break out of my shell and incorporate more bold COLORS into my life!!

Target cardigan

Kohl's tee shirt

Ann Taylor Loft skirt

Dillard's belt

Shoe Dazzle wedges (click here to sign up)

Necklace gifted from my mom


  1. As a Delta Zeta, I cannot pass up the opportunity to tell you that this pink + green combo looks fabulous :)

    Also, this skirt looks great on you Ashley!

  2. I think your pastel color blocking is perfect for spring, and I quite agree - the more color the better as we move into nice warmer weather!

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Hey lady! I'm in a swappin' mood. You still interested?

  4. I totally agree with Liz...this is a FAB skirt on you. Love it.

  5. This outfit is gorgeous on you! I absolutely love the skirt!

  6. Have you lost weight? You look fab in that outfit!

  7. Cute outfit! I really like the skirt.


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