Let The Weightloss Journey Begin...

January 10, 2012

My New Year's resolution is always to lose weight except this year I am actually doing something about it. I found Medi Weightloss Clinic after doing some online research and went for my first appointment last Friday. I wanted to hear all about the program before making a decision because I knew it was going to be tough and a total lifestyle change and wanted to be in the right mindset before I started.

I hung out with my girlfriends and had "my last supper" and drinks this past Saturday and promptly scheduled my appointment to join at 9am yesterday morning. Since it is a medically supervised program I had to go through lab work, a physical exam including a EKG, body fat analysis and waist circumference and supplemental injections in the booty (that part was NOT pleasant).

Some people may think that this diet is a little extreme but I like the accountability of going in once a week to an actual physician and being monitored and tracking my progress. I am so ready for a healthy lifestyle change and this is just the jump start to help me!


  1. Hi Ashley! I found your blog a few weeks ago and I am finding it so much fun to read! Good luck with your new healthy lifestyle change. I will be anxious to keep up on your progress.

  2. Good luck love, just remember you're beautiful no matter what!

  3. Good luck lady! I'm working on weight loss too! It's rough, but worth it!

  4. Best of luck to you, A. You can totally do it!

  5. Good luck, I really look forward to following you through your journey!

  6. Great job on your weight loss and keep going with your journey and success!


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