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September 22, 2015


Yesterday was my 29 week ultrasound and Baby A is weighing 2 pounds, 10 ounces and Baby B is 3 pounds, 5 ounces. My doctor seemed a little concerned with the weight difference and said I actually needed to up my calories and start eating more to try and even the twins out. They have always been a little different in size, but twin B has really jumped ahead in the past two weeks and twin A has barely grown. I am actually losing weight at this point and that was another big concern. Basically the twins are sucking everything out of me and she said I will start to feel really drained and dizzy and could start passing out in the future unless I start eating more. I have to start eating 5 small meals a day instead of the typical breakfast, lunch and dinner thing and in addition eat a handful of nuts or the nuts and dried fruit combo every hour to an hour and a half. I have been feeling fine up until this point so that really shocked me but I am going to do what she says (obviously).

  On a positive note, Baby A has a headful (or tuffs) of hair! We got an ultrasound picture of his hair blowing in the breeze and it is the cutest thing ever. We couldn't ever tell if Baby B has hair because he is literally laying on Baby A's stomach right now sideways in my belly. We did get to see him blowing air bubbles into the amniotic fluid while he was practicing his breathing though which was super cute.

  DSCN5206 DSCN5202 DSCN5196 DSCN5194
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