The Most Comfortable Maxi Dress

May 6, 2016


 Ladies, I have found the most comfortable maxi dress and just have to share with y'all. It's from a retail store on Poshmark and it's supposed to be a little oversized and flowy and it has pockets.


I have worn it to work and then all day at a amusement park with my husband and twin boys (check out our picture) and already purchased the dress in a coral color for summer.  If you are into comfort and style this dress is for you.  I linked below how to order the product.

  DSCN5474[1]DSCN5472[1] DSCN5470[1] DSCN5465[1]
Poshmark dress (click here to purchase), Target Betsyville sandals (click here to purchase), Forever 21 earrings, Rite Aid bracelets

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