May My Coffee Be Stronger Than My Toddler(s)

June 7, 2017


 As I am currently knee deep into the toddler stage with my 19 month twins...this shirt sums my life up completely!

 I need All.The.Coffee

I bought this chambray denim skirt off of Poshmark for a whopping $10 and it was brand new with tags. I love finding trendy stuff on Poshmark for super affordable prices.  Check out my closet here.

  DSCN6377[1]DSCN6375[1] DSCN6376[1] DSCN6374[1]
Little Scouts Co. tee (click here to purchase), Old Navy Slip-On sandals (click here to purchase), Vera Bradley sunglasses (click here for similar), Target cross-body bag (click here and here for similar), J. Crew skirt (click here, here and here for similar), Fitbit Alta band (click here to purchase), Hobby Lobby doormat

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