"Just Keep Swimmin, Swimmin, Swimmin"

February 18, 2010

My pal Nemo came up with quite a catchy song about the water but Nemo...YOU NEVER HAD TO WEAR A FREAKIN SWIMSUIT!!!

I like shopping for bathing suits, now don't get me wrong, I didn't say I liked the way I looked in a bathing suit BUT I do like shopping for them:)

I have seriously spent hours online searching for swimsuit websites besides the commonly known Victoria's Secret blah blah blah. I love their swim selection by the way, I just like keeping my options open. I did get this swimsuit from Vic's Secret this year and I ADORE IT. The top is perfect for big breasted gals like me and the bottoms are really cute too!

So onto new swimsuit websites and KUDOS for keeping your options open readers.

The first two,, and, let you shop by brand, offers special sizes, and you can purchase your tops and bottoms separate.

Another one,, let's you search by price(which is always good). What a really cute one piece...

I also really like even though it does have some pricier swimwear on it, it has a lot of sale items too! I cannot go onto this site very often because I always find myself slinging money in it's general direction. Ummm, hello lovers..

Then there are the websites that always surprise you with what they, looking goooooooooood!

Finally, another fabulous surprise and the best deals yet! Way to bring it home Walmart!!

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