Working For The Weekend

February 17, 2010

I don't know about you but I am one of those people who set the alarm, hit snooze, get up and get ready and zoom off to work barely making it to the office on time! (I like my sleep mmmmmm-kay!!)

That being said, I need clothing that I can just throw on and don't have to THINK much about when I am half-asleep, passed out while standing up taking a shower. I am all about getting dolled up on the weekends but my weekday mornings are mostly about rush, rush...totally off the subject but remember that Paula Abdul song!

This website has alot of great dresses and separate's that have that
I took HOURS getting ready today but really only spent about 20 minutes getting dressed look:)
I like that it offers a Womens, Mens and Baby Boden shop (you never even have to leave the house and you can take care of the whole family...NICEEEEEEEE!)

I like this jersey knit dress for work with this bag and these shoes and BINGO a perfectly put together outfit for work! (I love this dress just because!)

Look how precious the mini Boden babies are, awwwww mush!

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