Welcome to Mexico:)

March 26, 2010

I had a great, great time in Cancun for my 30th birthday!!! Well...except for missing our connecting flight out of Houston back to Knoxville, me getting sun poisoning (we think) and getting back home only to realize I had an Upper Respiratory Infection but other than that it was just peachy, HONEST!!!

There were no girls fights which is a miracle when you get 4 girls sleeping in the same room combined with a alcohol induced haze the entire trip and a mother-daughter pair...HI MOM:) The weather was beautiful, the drinks were flowing and I was in great company!! Here are some pics to prove my point and a little side note-if you are planning to go to Cancun here in the next year you NEED to stay at Park Royal Cancun All Inclusive Resort. The resort was fabulous for the amount of money we spent...I would go back and stay there in a heartbeat and probably will!!

Cancun, Mexico is seriously 3 in the morning in the picture so don't be looking at my puffy eyes!!! Dress was gifted by my friend Lee Marie but from Target and the cardigan is from Ann Taylor Loft and tan is courtesy of Cancun:)

Me in a dress gifted by my friend Erin but from Old Navy, my friends Amanda and Christie and my mommy!

My mom and I (in a dress gifted by Tara but from Old Navy and a fabulous necklace from my girl Allison) and Christie and Amanda doing the butt:)

The beautiful sunset

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