Etsy-Feature Shop of the Week!!

April 13, 2010

I decided to start posting a Etsy-Feature Shop of the Week due to the totally untapped potential of the website. I adore Etsy and use it quite frequently and used the hell outta it when I was engaged this time last year!!! (I got thank you cards, my wedding garter and much more)

Today's feature shop is one of my personal favorite's called Odalisca Jewelry Design. The uniqueness of the jewelry, the simple designs with colorful stones for a pop of color and the cute packaging the goodies come in make it a stand out among the rest and one shop I go to every time I hit up the Etsy website.

Susana, the shop owner, is incredibly nice and even e-mailed me to let me know she made more of a earring design I fell in lust with but sold out before I was able to purchase them! Even though she lives in Madrid the shipments arrived very quickly (even during Christmas) and I didn't have to wait long before I was walking around in some of her creations.

Here is a sampling of what the shop has to offer:

Make sure you check back tomorrow because I am doing my first GIVEAWAY!!!!!!


  1. i heart etsy! i'm engaged and will be shopping around for a lot of my stuff..can't wait! :) also, nice picks! :)

  2. Started following your blog last week and I am loving it. Not that I am what you would consider "fashion forward" person, it's fun to see what other people like!

  3. Great find! I'll take all of it!

    Please take a look at my belts at:

  4. Neat! Great idea for a feature! Sometimes etsy is a bit overwhelming and beautiful stuff can get caught in the shuffle. Great picks! That first necklace it GORGEOUS, (as is the rest, but I'm definitely in need of that necklace.)

  5. Great selections. I especially love the gold & green earrings. Etsy can be addicting!

  6. I also like what you picked out the best of all. I like the blue chaldony neckleace in gold. Becky O


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