Fashionable Friends

April 22, 2010

Just wanted to show off two of my friends that were looking VERY stylish last night at our monthly bunco game!!

If you have never played bunco before it is a game played strictly for fun and it is a GREAT way to bring all your girlfriends (and guy friends) together!! If you want to learn more about starting your own bunco group click here for the rules of the game and happy rolling!!


  1. where did trace get that top? LOVE.

  2. Ashley - you failed to mention that both of us are wearing your hand-me-downs. :-) Jenn is wearing Ashley's old sandals, and the long shirt/dress under the jacket I'm wearing belonged to Ashley too once upon a time.

    Julie - I got the jacket at Lerner last year.

  3. Wait - maybe they don't call it Lerner anymore. Maybe they call it NY&Co. I guess I'm not as fashionable as I appear. ;-)

  4. The pictures are so cute!! Ashley maybe you should add photographer to your resume!!! I love the outfits and that is really funny that they have on Ashley's hand me downs. I think it is great how they incorporated the hand me downs to make it their own style.

  5. Ok so I made a gmail account so I could follow the easy way!!! Ash the Blog is awesome and I love that some of our Bunco girls were "Guest Stars" :)

  6. So glad to find your blog! Your style is awesome!
    Stop by sometime. I love to meet new fashionistas!
    I am originally from KY and was at the Tennessee Historic Theater in Knoxville to see Lucinda Williams! The most beautiful theater I've ever seen! I now am in Cincinnati, just across the Ohio river.

  7. Gorgeous! Obviously Trace did not get my unfashionable-gene. But she did get the budget-conscious gene.

    Great blog, Ashley.


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