Pay LESS at Payless!!

April 8, 2010

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It occurred to me yesterday when I got a comment from Celeste about my Payless shoes that everyone may not know just how fabulous the shoes and accessories store can be! I bet about 40% of my ENTIRE shoe collection came from Payless and many I have had for years so they are good on the wear and tear.

What I love, love about Payless (I know I say that I love everything but I swear I really do) is that if you order from the online store you can ship your items directly to a local store near you FREE OF CHARGE! This has saved me no telling how much money on shipping costs in the past and I will continue to ship to the store. You might ask why I even order online instead of walking my butt into a store and the reason town just is not as big as most and we don't get all the pretty, sexy, trendy shoes most of the big cities do:(

So I save myself the heartache of looking online and seeing tons of shoes I want only to find out when I am in the store they don't carry them! Just shop online, ship free to your local store and a associate will call you when your order comes in to promptly come pick it up. Easy. As. Pie!!!!


  1. Red ones, please. This good to know. I have taken advantage of the same ship-to-store option at Wal-Mart and LOVE IT. It's brilliant. Now, if only Target would follow suit. Not likely.

  2. thanks for the shout out for Payless (I work for them :)!) I know in the past they have had a not so great reputation but there is some REALLY cute stuff out there and coming through the pipeline. Love the stuff you posted.


  3. I have been thinking about the Ghillie slingbacks.... they were love at first sight!


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