Yellow One Minute...Blue the Next!!

April 9, 2010

Work outfit number two lacks in the creative department but I ruffled around in my closet and found my bright reversible belt to add a splash of color. I didn't even KNOW the belt was reversible until yesterday when I yanked on the buckle and to my surprise it switched directions!! I was like, "holy crap batman" and thought I had broken it, then got giddy with excitement when I figured out I got a 2 for 1 deal. (DUH)

I also got my hair trimmed and layers cut yesterday if you couldn't tell (it certainly feels better...nothing like a little hair trim to put a swing in your step) Sorry about all the craziness going on with the blog..I am trying to work all the kinks out! TGIF

Work Outfit #2 w/ blue belt

Work Outfit #2 w/ yellow belt

New haircut with long bangs and layers


  1. oh, the yellow made all the difference! Which color did you choose?

  2. Hahahahaha, that is really funny about the belt!

  3. your hair is gorgeous! And love the bright belt. How fun that it's reversible!


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