Fit to a TEE.....

May 1, 2010

Today the brains behind this operation was my friend Erin suggesting I do a post about the magic of the t-shirt. Once I started thinking about it...she was totally on the money with this one. You can make a white, regular tee casual or dressy or layered or beachy or your pajamas! (sleeping in an oversized t-shirt is the best)

Over the next week I will show some looks I have put together proving that all you need in your closet is a simple t-shirt and how endless the possibilities really are. Stay tuned...

All shirts ASOS


  1. Fun idea! Look forward to seeing next week's posts. :-)

  2. Excied to read all the T Shirt posts!

  3. Love the theme. I wear hanes t-shirts for boys with suits all the time. I have for years- ever since I did an internship in NYC in college and met a VP for NBC who wore them.

  4. This is great - looking forward to seeing more!

    The white-tee is a wardrobe staple for me :)


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