From Night!

April 30, 2010

I bought both of these pieces last week never thinking that A-I would wear them together and B-that they would make good transition pieces from workday to happy hour but was presently surprised when my clothes up and showed me who was boss!

For work I added a cardigan, some lower heeled pumps and wore the skirt knee length and the overall look turned out well if I don't say so myself. When the clock hits five and like Todd Rundgren, "I don't wanna work, I want to bang on the drum all day" or ya know...just hit up a normal happy hour minus the drums I ditched the cardigan, tossed on some higher heels (cause super high heels and alcohol go GREAT together) and hiked that skirt up!!

So whether you are a workaholic or a party animal...similiar pieces like these would be great in your own closet.

Kohl's Solid Layered Skirt (on sale here)

Kohl's Flowered Cami

TJ Maxx belt

Payless black open toed pumps

Nine West gray heels

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan


  1. Ooh loving that top!! Definately a perfect day to night transition piece!!


  2. Cute! Maybe you could tuck the top into the skirt for a little bit of a different look as well.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Way great outfit! And I love your updated blog layout! I may be emailing you in the future to figure out how to make my blog looks great!

  4. Cute a hundred times over! I want those grey pumps - I have them in black, never saw them in grey!

  5. I love it. You are super creative!

  6. Those grey pumps are fantastic! So cute!

  7. Love the shoes! You look gorgeous, and so tan! *jealous*


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