Chill Mode...

June 16, 2010

Over the weekend typically I just wear whatever is easy and comfy to run around in and run errands, shop, etc. I sometimes like looking like I just woke up and pick out whatever is on the floor of my closet and this outfit is one of those days!

Since so many people have been coming in and out of my office from Corporate we have had to dress a little more fancy so this past weekend I just wanted to be laid back and in chill mode. Only a couple more days until we go LIVE as a branch instead of a franchise and it is soooooo bittersweet cause many of my favorite co-workers are losing their jobs. I will keep you guys posted!

Payless Flats

Ann Taylor Loft jeans

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan

Margarita Girl shirt purchased in Destin, FL

Coach purse

Claire's hoop earrings


  1. The green shade of your tee is SUCH a pretty color for you!

  2. Those shoes are from payless. Hmm am going to have to check payless and see what they have. I forget that they can have cute shoes/sandals.


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