It's Not Easy Being Green!

June 24, 2010

I almost didn't post these pictures of myself because I think I look gross but I guess everyone has one of "those" days. I could NOT get outta bed this morning, super lazy! It's probably because I have been staying up and reading this brand new book and I love it, it's so funny. It is called 29: A Novel by Adena Halpern.

"What if you closed your eyes, blew out the candles, and your wish came

Ellie Jerome is a young-at-heart seventy-five-year-old who feels she
has more in common with her twenty-nine-year-old granddaughter, Lucy, than her fifty-five-year-old daughter, Barbara. Ellie’s done everything she can to stay
young, and the last thing she wants is to celebrate another birthday. So when
she finds herself confronted with a cake full of candles, Ellie wishes more than
anything that she could be twenty-nine again, just for one day. But who expects
a wish like that to come true?

29 is the story of three generations of women and how one magical day shakes up everything they know about each other. While Ellie finds that the life of a twenty-something is not as carefree as she expected, the sheer joy of being young again prompts her to consider living her life all over. Does she dare stay young for more than this day, even if it means leaving everyone she loves behind?

Fresh, funny, and delightful, 29 is an enchanting adventure about families, love, and the real lessons of youth. "

Ann Taylor Loft shug

Express pants

Payless shoes

Dillards halter top

Forever 21 earrings


  1. LOVE the shug! (really any cardigan type thing always gets me!) ;) i have one almost identical to it from target.

  2. You look fantastic. If this is how you look when you are having one of THOSE days then you sure know how to fake it honey

  3. I think that color looks really pretty on you :)


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