Winterized Maxi....

January 11, 2011

I have been trying to make the most of my wardrobe and that includes reworking my maxi dresses during the cold winter months. Here are some helpful steps I aways follow:

1. Pick a muted solid color- try black, blue, brown, etc. and leave the brighter colors for the warmer months

2. Cover your top half with a comfy sweater, cardigan or even put a turtleneck underneath your dress

3. If you wear a cardigan or turtleneck, try belting it to create a more defined waist and give the maxi dress more shape

4. Try boots, clogs or booties to further winterize the look

5. Accessorize with a scarf for more color

Ann Taylor Loft maxi dress

Steve Madden cowboy boots

The Limited belt and cardigan

Rachel Zoe scarf


  1. I love how the colors in your scarf tie in both the dress annd the cardi

  2. so cute. too bad the only maxi dress i own is a hot pink one.

  3. i love this! this is great for those that are stuck with a maxi and can only think of summer

  4. I keep meaning to winterize a maxi, but haven't yet. This is definitely inspirational!!

  5. Love the cream mixed with blue!

  6. Very good tips! If only I had a maxi dress :)

  7. great idea winterizing your maxi you styled it with the colorful scarf and the cardi belted!!

  8. Work it out girlfriend! I really need to find a maxi-dress. This one is so pretty on you!

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  9. Ok, so wow! This totally works!!! I actually have a large winter wardrobe and a tiny summer I'll have to get creative in a few rocked this girl!

  10. Hi!

    Just want to say that you're amazing. So I'm a new follower!!!

    maybe you can follow me back, some day?


  11. Fabulous! I'm going to give this a whirl!

    And I love your scarf - such a pretty color!

  12. I have winterized my maxi today! Wearing it with tall suede boots, and a long sleeve cardi/hoodie. :)

  13. Love that you gave instructions since I need help maximizing my wardrobe year round. Love the color combo here too, which seems pretty seasonless.


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