Dark Ages...

September 13, 2010

This outfit is probably as close as I am ever gonna get to dressing like Cameron Diaz so I need to live it up! I love a bright pop of pinkish colored material combined with turquoise jewelry, the color combo is fabulous!

I was officially living in the dark ages this weekend. The Internet has not been hooked up yet in our new condo so today is the first time I have had access since Friday evening and it has been killing me! I don't know how people live without technology...seriously. It is already bad enough that I don't have a cell phone with web browsing capability but take away my computer for a weekend and I was going stir crazy. I DID get tons of stuff accomplished in the condo since I didn't have the option to scroll through endless blogs, clothing websites, Facebook, etc. so everyone probably needs to disconnect themselves every once and awhile.

Target pants (click here)

Forever 21 shirt

Francesca's Collection necklace

Target hoops


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