The Long and Short Of It...

September 9, 2010

I am trying to get all the wear I can out of my maxi dresses before they have to retire to the back of my closet. I think the end of fall season will be my maxi limit unless you would like to see me parading around in a long fur coat, maxi dress and combat boots but then you would mistake me for Mary Kate Olsen!

Last night was the first time hubs and I have stayed in our new condo...yay for us! It felt a little strange getting ready in a new place, not really knowing where anything was. It is a miracle I made it outta the house without mismatched shoes, stripes on top of polka dots, and some lace and leopard thrown in the mix. I just named some of the current trends for fall...minus the mismatched shoes of course!

Dillards dress and belt

Banana Republic cardigan

Nine West shoes from Marti & Liz


  1. Smash, this video makes me miss you more!

  2. I want to see all your leopard shoes!! I need a pair desperately but for some reason I'm being so picky haha!!


  3. I like your blog I just started following. I too have a target budget, I think it's more fun that way, I like a challenge!


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