One Of Those Days...

September 22, 2010

I had bought this shirt online at Charlotte Russe because of the baby bit of sparkle that it had on the front and we all know that sparkles are all the rage this season! This morning when I was standing in the closet trying to decide what creative outfit to put on...I drew a blank! I panicked and then realized I didn't want to put any effort into picking jewelry to pull the outfit together or adding a belt to complete a look. I wanted to just grab a shirt that I know would look okay with black pants and simply walk out the front door.

Some days I love fashion more than anything in the world but some days I just want to put on the first thing I see and call it a you ever feel like that?

Charlotte Russe top (click here to purchase)

Target pants

Target silver cuff

Stella & Dot earrings (click here to purchase)


  1. I feel this way everyday! :-) You still look cute though.

  2. Oh, do I EVER have those days... You pulled it off chicly, though. Is that a word? Chicly?

  3. I feel like dressing for work is always the worst. I used to try to put all my outfits together on Sunday for the whole week and that def helped w/ that "drawing a blank" feeling in the morning.

  4. you look great :) and, yes! I absolutely have those mornings! I actually do what briannelee recommends and have started putting together outfits on Sunday.. it def helps!

    The Flip Side of Oz

  5. I feel that way quite often Asley! I think it's normal, so don't feel bad about it. You look great anyway!

  6. I'm the same way... love the top, it's so cute and goes with anything! Lovely blog :)

    <3 Alison


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