Sorry Bout Your Bad Luck!!!

September 14, 2010

I would like to introduce all of you to my sorry bout your bad luck Tory Burch heels! I say sorry bout your bad luck because I don't feel the LEAST bit sorry outbidding like 50 other people (okay 20) on eBay to win these suckers!

I was seriously on steroids when it got down to the last hour until I won. Hubs and I were getting ready to go out to dinner and I was putting my makeup on perched up on the bathroom counter.

Put on eyeshadow...go check to see if I was still the highest bidder
Put on blush...go check to see if I was still the highest bidder
Put on mascara...go check to see if I was still the highest bidder

Even hubs got in on the action yelling from the bedroom when I had 5 minutes left of the auction. After I won, in which I let out a WHOOP and did a little dance in the bathroom, then promptly screamed from the bathroom all the way downstairs to the living room where hubs was now watching TV that I did indeed win I started thinking, "How the hell am I going to know if these Tory Burch heels are the real deal?"

I have since calmed down and proudly debut them with pride...real or knockoff!!!


  1. Those are some very awesome heels! Congratulations on the find! :)

  2. Those are amazing! Isn't it fun to win stuff on Ebay! Such a thrill!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Ebay is addicting. It's where I get all of my favorite VVines and JCrew stuff! You know how preppy I am...

  4. wow! that is awesome!

  5. LOVE them, I don't know the tory burch merchandise well enough to tell if they are legit or not, but I would wear them for sure!

  6. wowza! those are seriously gorgeous shoes!
    Thank you for adding me on your blog list :D I will add yours to mine right after this :)

    Two Thousand Things
    Tigerlily's Book

  7. omg, love them! you've officially sold me on ebay... i will be going there next :)

    The Flip Side of Oz


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