What Color Is This Shirt??

September 16, 2010

You would think I know the color of my shirt today but I have no freakin clue! I thought it was tan but in some lighting it looks dusty pink BUT hubs thinks it is gray (obviously colorblind) so let me know what you think. Also, this necklace was a great vintage looking find at Charlotte Russe...they have some great jewelry in right now so check it out!

We found out yesterday that our laptop has bit the dust...and it will cost over 300 dollars to get it repaired! They said the screen is broken and that is the 2nd most expensive thing to fix on a computer with the keyboard coming in first just in case you ever need that info for trivia or something! The only good news to come out of this is that I get to shop for a new computer. I will keep everyone posted...

Charlotte Russe necklace

Ann Taylor Loft shirt

Target pinstriped pants (click here to purchase)

Nine West pumps


  1. Great necklace! Really pops with the "pink/tan" shirt!

  2. Tan, but because you're wearing a black shirt under it the color can look grayish. Try wearing a pink top under it and see if the color changes to more of a pinkish nude =)

    BOOO about the laptop =(

  3. It looks taupe from here...super cute outfit by the way :)

  4. Hmmmm, that is a mystery color. I say pinky tan ;)

  5. You'd be correct- marrying Nathan Hunt in one month! :)

    I've been thinking about what color I would call this and I find myself in the same boat as you. I do really love whatever color it is, though! Looks great.

  6. OOh I love the simplicity but class of this outfit! I would call this My Skin is darker but it's still nude...okay so it's not the best name.


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