Good vs. Evil

November 18, 2010

The conflict between good and evil went on for about an hour and a half yesterday afternoon in my head until 5pm rolled around and I pushed my thoughts aside for the reminder of the night. The inner struggle was brought on by a co-worker putting in her 6 day (standard practice when resigning from a job is two weeks) notice at my office.

Good: She is finally in a financial place to be a housewife and I am happy for her
Evil: I WISH I could stay at home all day and do nothing

Good: This means I moved up in value to the company because I am the only Recruiter left
Evil: I have to do twice as much work because she is quitting and I am not getting paid for it

Good: I still get to take off for the Thanksgiving holiday
Evil: She was supposed to work after Christmas and she just quit...oh hell no!

Good: I can get more work done and less chatting about anything/everything
Evil: Who am I gonna gossip with now that she is leaving

Good: She gets to spend more time with her family
Evil: I WANT to be able to spend time with my family during the day, when everyone else is at work

I cannot stop the voices in my's madness!

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan and skirt

The Limited belt

Shirt I've had forever

Kohl's shoes

Target tights


  1. I love those tights! You look beautiful! I have the same struggles with good v. evil myself! I love when bloggers talk about their personal life, so I loved this post :0)

  2. These types of predicaments happen all the time ashley! It's a constant struggle!
    But hey, at least you'll look great while doing some extra work ;)

  3. hmm, well the NICE thing to do would have been to give her full 2 weeks... but thats regular practice around these parts too. Just focus on the "good." Think of how bored you'd be without work and challenges like these!

    Your earrings are so pretty btw!

  4. hmmm, i want to be a housewife too!!!! everytime someone leaves a job for that reason, I enviously think - "must be nice"
    the grass is always greener tho. self motivation on a daily basis to not sit an watch Oprah and trying to create social situations rather than walking into one(work) would drive me nuts on the other hand.

    doesn't this kinda stuff always happen around the holidays? as if they weren't stressful enough LOL.
    What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and at least you'll look ridiculously stylish doing it :)

    if anyone can handle it Ashley J can!

  5. this is a really cute outfit, i love the colour combination ;)
    and i enjoyed your good/evil debate! at least you arent immediately jumping on the negative nelly bandwagon.. good job for seeing the positive! :)

  6. This had me laughing. I'm always amazed when people say they couldn't stay at home... like, really?! I could but need to realize that is never going to be my situation. So at least you're moving on up in the company! Love the earrings.

  7. "Chanel taste on a target budget" love it. Exactly my dilemma right now. I, however, am not as good as you at finding those chanel looking things at target. So I will be looking to you for inspiration. Your newest follower :)

  8. I love how your earrings match your shirt! I wish I could stay home all day too, I'm sure it would eventually get old but man it'd be nice.

  9. i love this outfit on you!!! and i dream of being a housewife, too...


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