Honey (love) Moon, Part II

November 12, 2010

Hubs and I have taken to calling our one year wedding anniversary the honey (love) moon, part II...don't ask why, we are just weird like that. We got married one year ago this coming Sunday, November 14th. I cannot believe that we have already been married a whole year you guys, the time has flown by!!

Instead of going to St. Lucia like we did last year, we are headed to Gatlinburg, TN for a long weekend (something is totally wrong with this picture.) We are staying in a little cottage at the Buckhorn Inn and we are just gonna lay low, do some shopping and nice dinners and just enjoy each other's company. I am excited to get away and do something diferent and maybe even see some snow up in the mountains!

Marc Fisher heels purchased at Marti & Liz

Target dress

CAbi blazer

Tights unknown


  1. Even if it isn't St. Lucia, it's still a super romantic idea! Happy Early Anniversary!

    And i love those shoes with that outfit, very unexpected, but it works!

  2. Gorgeous ensemble. The bows on the shoes are too much, LOVE it!

  3. Those shoes are so great.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Sounds very romantic and lovely.

  4. I NEED those shoes!

    We're going to Pigeon Forge next weekend! It's our annual Dollywood Christmas trip. Yeah, I know Christmas will still be 5 weeks away, but it's the only time we can do it! LOL

    Have fun in Gatlinburg!

  5. I love the shoes!
    Have a great weekend Ashley and enjoy each other =) I love long weekends away!

  6. Congrats on the anniversary! Love those shoes =)

  7. Aww, happy anniversary! And this is such a pretty outfit, I love that dress!

  8. Happy anniversary! The first year is the hardest they say, so everything is up from here! Love the pumps! Have a good weekend relaxing with the hubby :0)

  9. I Love the pumps with the black tights. Unexpected chic.

  10. Forget St Lucia, a cottage in the mountains sounds so, so romantic!

    Lovely dress - what type of sleeves does it have?

  11. Hi Ashley! sorry for taking so long to finally comment on your blog! I love those shoes you have on - esp the bow detail! and the colour is a gorgeous tan. I love my tan shoes :-)


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