Traveling Scarf Edition...

December 6, 2010

When I started following Kimberly of Fab Finds under $50 I was mesmerized by her posts about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf. I e-mailed her right away and asked to be a part of her master plan which you can learn more about here.

I was thrown very far out of my comfort zone with this challenge because I never wear scarfs but that is half the reason I wanted to participate! I love the look on other bloggers and usually wear jewelry as my accessory but today I made a special exception. I love the colors in the scarf and wanted to bring out the teal (my favorite color) so I threw on my teal summer dress and added a cardigan and tights to winterize my outfit. To complete the look and cover up my legs from the cold I went for my brown flat boots and added some silver earrings.

I was surprised with how much a simple scarf could add so much to an outfit. Not only did I step out of my comfort zone and try something new but I also realized I need to go out and buy some scarfs!!!

Francesca's Collection dress
Target cardigan and belt
Charlotte Russe tights
Marti & Liz boots
Scarf from Kimberly of Fab Finds Under $50


  1. I agree - a fun scarf can definitely change an outfit. Lovely look!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your blog & am your newest follower!
    Have a great day!

  2. Wow, this scarf makes your outfit really unique and I LOVE the beautiful pattern. The traveling scarf idea seems really cool and thanks for sharing the wonderful idea here as well!

  3. That's a great scarf and you look fabulous!

  4. Don't tell the others, but this is one of my fav looks with the scarf! I just love how you paired it with the two bright colors of the dress and belt yet toned it down with the neutral cardi. It's a really great look and I am so glad you participated in the "Sisterhood"!

  5. Jumping around the blog world and I found your site! I never heard of the fabulous finds under $50 until now and I think its pretty cool. AGree with your statement about how much a scarf can add to your outfit: )

    Visit if you like to keep up with daily fashion on the runway and how you can get the altnerative affordable look in your closet! : )

  6. I love the belted scarf look!!! You look gorgeous- adore the tights!

  7. this is a great way to wear a scarf xx

  8. First, that scarf is beautiful!
    Second, I've not been a HUGE scarf wearer in the past. But, this 30 for 30 made me look at my closet & accessories differently. And I believe I am a convert.
    I mean, look at you! Your outfit gets such a kick from a simple piece of fabric draped properly. I'm a believer!

    Leaving The House in THIS?!?

  9. SO cute! I love the yellow belt with it - genious!

    I am glad you got it, too. I entrusted my Hubby to send it via his work's FedEx account, lol.

  10. i love scarves!! this outfit is so cute!! is the scarf and infinity one? if not, what did you do with the ends? i've been trying to wear my scarves like this and I've been tying the ends together, but idk if that's right. let me know sister!

  11. Ooooooo, I adore this outfit! That scarf is amazing.


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