Makes Me Wanna Jump...

December 4, 2010

Last weekend when I went home for Thanksgiving my sister and I decided to have a mini photo shoot. We always have so much fun together even if she is ten years younger than me (I am such a COOL big sister). My dad tried to get in on the action but failed so he just stood in the background hehe!

For those of you that are squinting and not believing you eyes-YES, I am wearing an Alabama sweatshirt and NO, I am not a fair weather fan to Tennessee. We were going to look at my brother's house he and his wife are building and it was really muddy that day and I didn't pack appropriate clothes to tramp around in so I threw that on.

Here's a picture of my brother's new pad to prove it to you....fancy, huh?? Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. There is a 7 year age difference with my sis & I and honestly think that's why we get along so well! Sisters are the best. Where is he building? The house (& property) looks amazing!

  2. What fun pictures!! I love the house pic, that's going to be gorgeous lucky them!

  3. haha i love those jumping pics! you guys look so cute!
    and WOW, amazing pad! it's going to be gorgeous when its done!

  4. these are so cute! love the scarf turban ;)


  5. wonderful action shots! you and your sister are too cute!

  6. love your scarf :)

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  7. cute pictures:)
    lovely blog, by the way:)

  8. Such a fun photo shoot! Oh & your brother's house!?!?! SO NICE!!!


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