Dear Muffin Top....

January 13, 2011

Dear Muffin Top,

It is time to bid you farewell...I have not minded you during the holidays while I was cramming turkey, Christmas cookies and other festive treats into my mouth but enough is enough. It is gonna be summer before we know it and I cannot conceal you with cardigans and baggy shirts during the warmer months.

I have gone and joined Jenny before you get mad at me, don't worry because you will not disappear over night. It will take some dedication and self control, but before you know it you will be gone and all my clothing will breathe a sigh of relief.

Good Riddance, Ashley

P.S. I have enclosed some pictures so you can see what you are doing to my body in clothes...

This is me pleading with you, muffin top, to GO AWAY...

BCBG skirt purchased on eBay

Nine West heels purchased at TJ Maxx

Old Navy turtleneck

eBay sweater

Target tights

Stella and Dot earrings gifted by my sister-in-law


  1. Good luck. I need to do the same thing only on a less expensive diet. I would love to do Jenny or something. I often think I know everything I need to know about dieting but my voluptuosity speaks volumes. Again. Good luck.

  2. Silly girl - you look great. My mom has done JC and really liked it. Good luck!

  3. You look good already but I hope you do well!

  4. Good Luck, it is a good program that is easy to follow!

  5. it's easy to show a muffin top when you belt in tops, so don't be too hard on yourself! but nice work being proactive and joining Jenny Craig! i've been on a post-holiday diet too after way too many indulgent meals. best of luck to us both! :)

    cute and little

  6. ...and even with the muffin tops you look cute!! Good luck with the diet,my husband lost 15 kg with will be missing the little devils once they are me,your clothes will be missing having something to hang from.:D

  7. you get it girl!! you can totally reach your goal!! you're beautiful and amazing!

  8. That letter cracked me up, good luck with Jenny Craig!

    PS I love that skirt!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  9. I wish I could afford Jenny! I hear it works wonders. I'm doing WW with two friends, right now. I'm psyched! Good luck! We can do this!

  10. LOL :) Best of luck, boo! That sweater is gorg, btw.

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  11. I think you look fantastic, but I wish you tons of mojo and success on your healthful journey! I need a little of that mojo over here. I've fallen hard off the wagon since thanksgiving! eek! Need to go to the gym so much, and I so don't want to!

  12. I love that skirt! You got that off Ebay? Great find! You are a beautiful girl with a great shape! I'm loving those shoes as well!

    xo Joanna

  13. Good Luck!! So happy you are wearing Stella & Dot. I would love to send you our new Spring look book!! Send me a note at Thanks-Kelly

  14. i think you look gorgeous the way you are, but good on you for looking after yourself and your health!

  15. I love this outfit! and the pop of turquoise necklace makes me go mmmm-hmmmm! as in oh yes!

  16. Ugh, I've been thinking the same thing!! Only a few months until summer! I also need to get my arms tones for tanktops! I'm hoping to squeeze in some yoga time in the morning! good luck with jenny craig!


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