Where in the World Have I Been??

May 3, 2011

Hello friends!

I feel like I have not blogged in forever but in actuality it's only been a couple days. I am sure you all are aware of the tornado that shook Tuscaloosa, AL last week but many of you may not know that is where my little sister goes to college. Needless to say, she is perfectly fine but she came and stayed with me Thursday through Monday due to not having any power and all classes were cancelled. (my mom and my sister's boyfriend were here too)

I ended up having more family time, less blogging time but I am back and so blessed my sister is safe!

CAbi leggings

Payless heels

eBay dress


  1. Glad you hear your sis and family are okay, and that even a little good came out of the crisis as well.
    Love your pink dress, what a fun color!

  2. I'm so glad everyone is safe and I'm glad you were near enough so your sister could come stay with you for a few days! You look gorgeous- the color of that dress is WOWZA and I can see you remixing it a million ways! :)

    Enter my Nanny Styles Contest!

  3. I'm glad your sister is ok! And I'm glad you enjoyed your family time. =)

    That dress is adorable!!

  4. Nice to know you & your fam are ok!
    Also, you look great in pink!

  5. Family is so important, & it's always okay to take that time. I'm happy everyone is safe. You look so pretty! -xxoo

  6. Glad to know your family is safe! You look great in that pink! :)


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