Hot Pink and Florals

July 20, 2011

Wow-remind me never to wear skinny jeans again in the middle of July! It feels perfectly fine in my office but I step outside for my lunch break and about burst into flames it has been so hot here lately. I would wear my bathing suit all day, everyday if I could AND if I looked amazing in it (which I don't so I do not have to worry about that).

Six more days until a winner is picked for the Old Navy giftcard could be you!

Kohl's top

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan

CAbi skinny jeans

Zappos Bandolino wedges (click here to purchase)

Earrings oldie but a goodie


  1. firstly, i love the top, the colors look great on you and kinda want the top now too. lol

    2nd, i wish it wasn't so darn hot so i could wear skinny jeans. i don't think i've worn jeans for at least over a month.

  2. Right?!? Skinny jeans are typically my go-to item when I'm stumped for what to wear. (I'm actually wearing them right now) But seriously, it's so hot in the summer, that I don't know why I even do it. I swear, I melt into a big hot sticky puddle as soon as I'm anywhere outdoors. Eesh.

    As for that giftcard... I'm sending lots of positive vibes that it'll soon be mine. ;)

    Oh, and last but not least, those skinny jeans look fantastic on you! I really love the bright cardi and flowery shirt, too.

  3. I love that top! The colors are gorgeous!

  4. love the top and the colors!!!!

  5. I love the top/cardi combo. Great outfit!

  6. Hot pink is so cute on you! I've been looking for something in that bright color, but haven't found anything yet. Love the top!

  7. Love the floral top. Pink looks great on you!


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