Work OR Noah's Ark

August 17, 2011

Wow, yesterday was the longest work day of my life! I am not even being a drama queen either...the patients were endless and came in bulk, kindda like Noah's Ark except instead of saving animals from the Great Flood we were giving people the gift of sight.

I clearly work at a LASIK facility for those of you wondering what bizarre career I have gotten myself into.

Ann Taylor Loft skirt and cardigan

Target belt

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's top (click here to purchase-on SALE)

Marti & Liz heels


  1. This top is gorgeous! I love that you belted it too.

  2. ugh, I hear you about the people at work - I've been SO busy lately! I really like this outfit on you - it's so pretty and flowy!

    Also, will you do a post with your shampoo/conditoner/hair products? Your hair is always so pretty and healthy (plus I have MAJOR brunette envy), and I want to copy!

  3. So cute, and so flattering!! You look beautiful!

  4. Woops, just realized that I used my son's account posted my comment. Before you wondering why a 9-year-old boy cares about fashion ...

  5. You look beautiful! I love the soft colors in this and the blouse is gorgeous belted.

  6. LC makes the prettiest stuff. Love this outfit, boo to super busy work days though! At least it passes the time right? =D


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