Guest Post from The Capital Barbie

September 7, 2011

Hi lovebugs!

I'm Kelsey from The Capital Barbie and I'm so happy that Ashley asked me to guest post for her so I could meet all of her fabulous readers!

Ashley is headed off on vacation and asked me to write about what to bring to the beach. My specialty is picking items under $100 so I hope you don't mind that I stick to that budget!

Old Navy, Tiered jersey dress, $14

I love Old Navy for coverups because they're all cotton so I can throw it in the wash after a long day at the beach, but I can also feel comfortable grabbing some food on the boardwalk and still looking chic.

J crew, Summer straw hat, $34

Very important, the perfect beach hat so you can take a break from the sun or read a good book without squinting.

Nordstrom, Jack Rogers Ibiza Sandal, $47

Yes you can buy ten pairs of $5 Old Navy flip flops, or you can save your money and paint your own toenails and slip into these beauties. They're wonderful for sand, or dock, or even for a night out!

This will fit everything: sunscreen, books, towels, you name it; and it's going to shimmer in the sun!

What do you think? So often I see people wearing athletic shorts and tanks to the beach; but for just a few bucks more you can get something chic that looks great on the beach and for dinner out on the boardwalk afterwards.


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