Nothing But Neutrals...

September 26, 2011

Man oh man, I was a sick girl last week! I started feeling bad last Monday but thought it was just seasonal allergies but then I got a fever and knew it was more than just itchy eyes and sneezing. Turns out I had an upper respiratory infection and a ear was no fun at all.

I FINALLY started coming back to the land of the living on Friday and had to disinfect sheets, pajamas, and pillows but took it very easy the rest of the weekend. I found these pictures of the outfit I wore on the airplane going to our beach vacation and thought I would share. Much better than blackmail pictures of me in my pajamas with my glasses on and tissues scattered around everywhere!

CAbi jeans

Lauren Conrad for Kohl's tank top (click here to purchase ON SALE)

Payless flats

Soma Intimates jacket


  1. Hope you are feeling back to normal!!! Loving that tank!

  2. Loving this outfit!Love the color of the tank!

  3. aww sorry to hear you were so poorly! hope your well on the mend now.
    This outfit is lovely! I really love the girly top and peep toe flats!
    Rachel :)

  4. Yuck to being sick! I was sick last week, so not fun! I love this outfit, the top is soo pretty!


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