Recipe for Naptime

September 1, 2011

If I could wear my pajama's in the office, believe me I would, but I can't so I wore the next best thing-this outfit. I think I had a dream about my attire last night because when I woke up this morning I knew exactly what I wanted to wear.

Maxi skirt + oversized t-shirt + flats = work day pajama's ( try it but don't say I didn't warn you if you fall asleep at your desk)

Ann Taylor Loft top (click here to purchase ON SALE)

Kohl's maxi skirt

Payless shoes

Necklace oldie but a goodie

Etsy leopard clutch (click here to view shop)


  1. I LOVE that necklace! Beautiful!

  2. love the whole thing!
    necklace and clutch make it really perfect!

  3. I get tired of walking around in heels every day, I might need a little break (or nap?) with an outfit like this!

  4. Great necklace and I love that clutch!

  5. I certainly don't need help falling asleep at work, but I do like to be comfy, especially when the A/C is broken :S Loving this outfit!

  6. love the top and the necklace together and of course the leopard print clutch!


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