Doubled Up On Florals...

November 10, 2011

I had a hard time dressing myself today, I hate it when that happens.

I put on my khaki skirt since it's basically a blank canvas then my mind went blank as well. I didn't know what else to do but grab a floral top then decide that's not enough so grab a floral scarf then decide that's not enough, so I grab my Old Navy vest and boots and finally felt complete.

This was my thought process this profound.

Forever 21 top and skirt

Old Navy vest scarf

Naughty Monkey boots purchased at


  1. i love your top!
    kisses from prague
    have a wonderful day

  2. hi, there! enjoyed browsing through your blog and looking at your various looks. you have a wonderful sense of style. :) following now. :) cheers!


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