Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Check It Out- Vestique.com

One of the websites I frequent for new arrivals at least once a week is Vestique.com. They have the most amazing necklaces, tops, dresses and even cute game day items for the fashionable ladies that want to wear more than just a regular college jersey and jeans.

Here are some of my favorite picks.

From top to bottom:

Cool Chevron Cardi, Cleopatra Necklace, Classy in Cocoa Dress, Crowd Pleaser in Coral, Fashion A-List in Royal Top


  1. I *love* that cardigan at the top! ADORABLE!

  2. LOVE these options! especially the necklace.


  3. Great colors, i love that last yellow necklace

  4. Great Blog! Love your post. Looking forward for the next.


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