Prisoner of Stripes

March 29, 2012

I love stripes and this dress is no exception to the rule, however, in order to look like I have not just come from a prison break I had to add another layer on top of it. 

I thought about adding a bright, colored belt to break up the black and white stripes but decided on my lightweight jacket instead.  I am a huge fan of these boots with my dresses but my husband keeps referring to them as "elf boots".  I have been searching for another pair in tan so if you know of anywhere to get them please let me know.  (I promise I won't tell my husband you helped me out)

006 001 003 004

Francesca's dress, Target boots, necklace, Soma Intimates jacket


  1. This is really cute! Love how you layered it.

  2. That dress is so cute and flattering!


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