The Day I Finally Learned How to French Braid

January 30, 2013

In all my 30 plus years I have never learned how to French braid and have always, always wanted to learn.  I love that Lauren Conrad or Jennifer Aniston look and still do it but just a boring, old regular braid like I wore yesterday.  

This lady is seriously MY HERO!  I sat on my bathroom counter top with my iPad last night and watched this video about 20 times starting and stopping, starting and stopping learning how to French braid and fishtail braid in the mirror.  She goes a little faster than my hands move but she is very easy to understand and by the end I actually had a decent looking braid.  I thought I would share this for any other braiding impaired people like myself!



  1. Thanks for this, I have always sucked at braiding!

  2. I love this video! I still must have a mental block though, I can french braid others hair but lack the maneuvering to my own hair. Crazy.


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