Eighteen Week Bumpdate and Copacabana Dress

July 7, 2015


I feel like these little babies are really starting to grow now! I love looking back over all my blog pictures as well as my weekly bump pictures on my stomach has grown so much in the past couple of weeks. At the end of last week I THINK I felt the babies happened three different times in one day and since this is my first pregnancy, I can't be sure, but I really think it was the twins wiggling around in there. It was the weirdest feeling, like something was tumbling around in my belly, and now I try to drink cold orange juice and lay flat and try to feel them all the time (I'm obsessed).

  Enough baby talk and on to my super cute dress. This is another purchase from my friend's boutique, Southern Bella. She only has one more in stock (size large and that's what I am wearing) so if you want it comment below or leave a message on their Facebook page and let them know. This beautiful dress went fast! Also these ankle wrap sandals have made another appearance...I really need them in black too.

  DSCN4698 DSCN4703 DSCN4699 DSCN4704
Southern Bella Boutique dress (click here to follow on Facebook), Old Navy sandals (click here to purchase), Wendy Mink earrings, Nordstrom purse

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