Layering Pieces

November 23, 2016


 I love this time of year just for the sole purpose of being able to layer pieces and make the cutest outfits. This tunic is such a great layering piece and the length is perfect. I also tried it on with black skinny jeans and a cargo jacket and it was equally just as good.

 If you don't follow me on Instagram yet, you should because I hit my Weight Watcher goal yesterday (!!!!!) and I now have 6 weeks of maintenance before I become a Lifetime member. That makes my weight loss total 48.8 pounds, not even including my pregnancy weight...HOLY CRAP. 

DSCN6075 DSCN6079 DSCN6081 DSCN6076 
Old Navy Rockstar denim (click here to purchase), Old Navy flats (click here to purchase), Old Navy denim jacket (click here to purchase), Gwynnie Bee tunic (click here for a FREE MONTH), Fitbit Alta (click here to purchase)

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