Things That Make Ya Go Hmmmm???

January 26, 2011

1. The cost of a little ole stamp

2. Spending tons of money on dry cleaning yet I keep buying 'dry clean only' clothing

3. Angry Birds being so insanely addicting of a game

4. Some people writing the word GREY and others writing GRAY...what's the difference??

5. Wanting a pair of boots so bad I can smell them, but they are sold.out.everywhere!!!! Here they are....*tear*

Target cardigan (click here to purchase)

Nine West booties

Ann Taylor Loft dress

Target tights (click here to purchase)

The Limited belt

eBay vintage pearl necklace


  1. Grey is the British spelling. Gray is the US spelling. I prefer the UK version even though I'm American. I do not, however, spell words like color and favorite with superfluous letter U's (i.e., colour and favourite.)

  2. Yeah, I had NO idea which grey/gray word was correct. I tend to spell it both ways. I like to change stuff up apparently. haha!

  3. Those boots are fabulous! Love your bright dress and target cardi. My sister has the cardigan in light purple.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  4. Ohh love the zipper detail on those! I've been there before, just keep your eyes peeled especially on ebay...hope you find them!

  5. Beautiful boots, I would shed a tear too!! :)

  6. Ashley! I have been looking for polka dots everywhere lately and can't find any - you're making the situation so much worse here with that adorable cardi ;/ Looks great, don't mind my jealousy.. :D

  7. ugh, I hate the grey/gray thing - I usually use the grey spelling, though.

    And oh my gosh about Angry Birds! I downloaded the free holiday trial thing and I couldn't understand why people loved it, I was so bored with it. My boyfriend told me I should just buy the full game so I get the real experience - I did, and I.Can't.Stop! SOOOO addicting!

  8. Why is angry bird so addicting. I can't stop playing. Love the dress.

  9. Super cute outfit! I eye that Target sweater every time I am there. Haven't bought it yet though.

    I haven't got into Angry Birds yet, but my husband is addicted to Words with Friends. Do you play that?

  10. This just reminds me how I need lots more polka dots in my closet! Love the outfit!

  11. Elaina's comment cracked me up! I always mix up gray and grey, but i usually use gray. LOL

    Love the polka dot and pink dress together! you're so good and mixing and putting outfits together, i need some more creativity with my wardrobe!

    SOOOOOOO true on the stamps! it's crazy! i'm mailing my invites today and stamps just kill me. i don't get why they keep going up. there's going to be another raise in stamps in may FYI!!

  12. I spell grey with an "e" (obviously). I guess I want to be British. They invented English anyway, right?

    Wait... did I just sound really dumb?

  13. I like to embrace the brits and always use grey. And hey, just buy enough forever stamps to last the rest of your life and you will be all set.
    Also, most things that say dry clean only will come out just fine if you hand wash in a bit of woolite - I do it all the time!

    Chic on the Cheap

  14. hahah how i love these posts. they make my day :)

    btw, had to give you this: you rock!

  15. Love the polka dots with the purple!! And I do the SAME thing with dry clean only. I keep saying "no more!!" than I buy something dry clean only the next day!!!

    Sorry about the boots (*sad face*) They are REALLY pretty, I can see why you'd be disappointed!!

  16. I love this outfit! It's so pretty and I have that cardi. Also, stamps...ugh.

  17. #2 - story of my life. For sure.

    Purple & polka dots? Obsessed. You look adorable.

  18. One day soon stamps are going to be up to $1, and gas will likely be $4738473/gallon. Hopefully by then I'll be rich!

  19. Love the polkadots and the purple...those boots you are coveting are hot!!
    sometimes I spell grey and sometimes gray...

  20. The polka dots and the bright dress is so pretty on you!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  21. The bright purple looks great on you!


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