Summer Style...

June 6, 2011

For those of you that follow me on twitter, you may know that I had a closet clean-out day yesterday. I had still not switched out my summer shoes with my winter shoes (my closet cannot hold my entire shoe collection so I have to store what season shoes I am not wearing) and I went crazy organizing after that. I pulled winter and summer clothing that I no longer wear or cannot fit into and plan on giving it all away to friends or charity and I arranged everything by color and then further arranged by sleeveless and short/long sleeves. It was a workout, lemme tell ya....I even worked through lunch because I was so engrossed in my project and I never forget about a meal.

I felt very summery in this outfit because of all the bright colors and also because of the fact it was 90 degrees outside so summertime is indeed here. Today is the first day of training for my new job, let you know tomorrow how it goes!

Old Navy sundress gifted from my friend Erin

Payless wedges

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan

Forever 21 necklace


  1. Cute summery outfit. Good luck at the job training today.

    I thought I was the only one who color coordinated my closet, and then sorted by short, long sleeves, etc. etc. My friends and family tease me about my "orginationzal" skills, LOL

  2. I really like the dress! the colors are so pretty, and the cardigan is really cute too.

  3. Really beautiful! You have such nice coloring, I think you could pull off anything!

  4. That cardigan is adorbs! and I'm loving that dress and how colorful and fun it is.

    Is today your first day at your new job? if it is then I hope you have the best time!

  5. Love the bright colors! Look really pretty!
    Alyson --

  6. Love the colors in this dress, what a great gift!

  7. You are just adorable! Love those color combos!

  8. The print on that dress is fantastic! The whole outfit is awesome!


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