Things That Make Ya Go Hmmm???

June 15, 2011

1. Waking up to go to spin class just to be told when I get there that they don't have enough bikes for everyone. Really, REALLY-you think I wake up at 5:30am for the heck of it!

2. Getting rid of clothes that still had the tags attached to them (I need to quit buying random stuff obviously).

3. Losing some followers because I have only blogged a handful of times in the past two weeks...I couldn't help it people, my computer went down.

4. Seeing rather large women in daisy dukes and tank tops...the look is not very flattering. Side note-you always see these people in Wal-mart!

5. Peeling on my forehead near my scalp and it looking like dandruff in my hair.

Target maxi dress

Charlotte Russe necklace

Banana Republic cardigan

Earrings gifted from my grandparents

ALDO heels purchased at Marti & Liz


  1. #1 - Ugh, that extra hour of sleep would've probably been nice!
    #2 - Next time you find some, send them to me! =)
    #3 - Awww that always sucks.
    #4 - Ewww. Seriously! Don't people know what's appropriate??
    #5 - Ha, I HATE when that happens! No amount of moisturizer helps it out either. lol
    #6 - You look gorgeous in that blue maxi dress!

  2. 2) I know what you mean!
    4) I have seen these too many times than I can count
    5) That happened to me not too long ago! I feel for you. look wonderful in your dress!

  3. No you did NOT find a maxi dress with pockets. Pockets? In a maxi? PERFECTION!!! I am SO jealous!

    That shade of blue is beautiful on you, you loko great!

    And really, losing followers because you took a couple of weeks off? Ugh.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. I love that dress! And, you lost followers? How lame.

  5. You are too funny! No one wakes up at 5:30 to not do some spinning. Oh, and losing followers? Lame. I probably have lost followers, but I try not to look at the numbers too much. I love that dress and those shoes, by the way. You look great!

  6. That dress looks great on you! I love the color.
    The followers go up and down sometimes b/c of blogger. I know that some people have stopped appearing in my feed b4, and I had to re-follow them.

  7. I love the dress! As far as spinning, I'd have made the instructor give me his/hers. You wake me up that early? You have a bike. Period. ;) That being said, I'm terrified of spin. My butt hurts just thinking about it.

  8. great teal maxi dress..:)

  9. Awesome dress!! It always confuses me when I gain and then lose readers, I never unfollow anyone!

  10. you are so beautiful and love your fashion sense!

    totally following you :)

    xo Nav


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