Weekend Outfit

June 13, 2016


 I hope everyone had a great weekend!

 We spent a big chunk of time outside either strolling the twins around in the beautiful weather or playing and getting the babies use to the pool (my in-laws have one).  We also interviewed four different nanny's:)  We are taking the boys out of the in-home daycare they currently go to and having someone come to us on the days I am working.  Hopefully they won't be getting sick as much and we will have more peace of mind knowing they are at our house.

It has been so extremely hot here and this lightweight kimono is perfect for those kinda days.  I love that it has almost a 70's feel to it cause of the pattern.

  DSCN5528DSCN5530 DSCN5534 DSCN5529 
Southern Bella Boutique kimono (click here for website), Old Navy distressed jeans (click here to purchase), Lulu's sandals (click here for similar), Target t-shirt (click here to purchase), Francesca's earrings

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